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Originally from Palo Alto California, I currently reside in Eugene Oregon while also frequenting Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I enjoy stretching my artistic boundaries traveling the hemisphere while photographing events, landscapes, architecture, wildlife and my favorite style - abstract portraits. Over the years I’ve found myself to specialize in creating emotive portraits, capturing rare, transcendental moments by twisting and bending standard theory and framing. I leverage this style similarly when photographing events and attention demanding subject matter. However, in the studio or any form of controlled work setting, I recreate this by reversing my approach to accommodate the static environment. I perpetually engage myself in unfamiliar styles and methods to broaden my skill base and spectrum of work so they accommodate all ranges of clients.

I’ve always had a strong curiosity and desire for creating art through different forms and mediums, which ultimately revealed my passion for being behind the lens. Throughout my life I’ve held a distinct manner through which I observe and visually perceive the world around me. Photography is the ultimate medium, in that it allows me to envision, and from such, create the work that is my inspiration for growth and self-discovery as an artist. I find the world that we live in to be full of mystery and everlasting beauty, in which searching for creative expression and progressive influence is just as easy as taking a look around yourself. I bring to you a perspective enriched with such qualities that while combined with expertise and vision, will capture and eternalize moments to create the product you most desire.

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